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Turn data into action.

We help you accelerate the value of your data – so you can maximize your impact every day.

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Insight-ready data
when you need it.

Harnessing data across siloed systems can be challenging. But getting it right presents incredible opportunities. Reltio Connected Data Platform unifies and cleanses multisource, complex data into a single source of trusted information. The first cloud-native SaaS master data management solution helps you act on your data with confidence and maximize your impact every day.

Trusted by top global brands.

Trusted by top global brands

What makes the
Reltio Connected
Data Platform

Real-time access

Providing instant, trusted data across diverse environments, for unmatched responsiveness.

Flexible growth

Rapidly change with a modern cloud-native SaaS offering that expands with your evolving business needs.

Accelerated ROI

Providing prescriptive, high-value use cases, faster time to value, built-in security, and a dedicated team to guide you to value.

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"We're accelerating innovation to deliver life-changing medicines and personalized experiences — replacing 67 legacy MDM systems with 3 interlinked regional hubs in Europe, APAC, and the US."

JOANNA WALKER, Global MDM Architect, AstraZeneca

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Turn data into a
competitive advantage
with our trusted partners

As leaders in data management execution, technology, and project implementation, our service partners can help you accelerate value from your data, and deploy Reltio for your success. Made up of leading expert systems integrators, technology vendors, and data providers, consultants and implementation specialists, our partner-experienced network can ease implementation and accelerate impact.

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