Reltio Connected Data Platform

Trusted Data Enabling Digital Transformation

The digital economy requires organizations to be responsive and have a master data management platform that is highly scalable and supports hyper-personalization and real-time operations.

Reltio Connected Data Platform is the only cloud-native data management platform that supports billions of customer profiles, enriched with thousands of attributes, relationships, transactions, and interactions from hundreds of data sources. Reltio powers enterprise-class mission-critical applications to operate 24/7 with thousands of internal and external users.

Start small, use Reltio Identity 360 alongside your current solution, then scale up when you’re ready.

Chart Connected Data Platform

Connected Data For The Connected Enterprise

Reltio Connected Data Platform scales seamlessly to deliver elastic performance and supports the throughput that enterprises need for any operational or analytical use case. Innovative polyglot data storage technology provides an unprecedented agility to add or remove data sources or attributes without any downtime. The Reltio platform is built on the foundation of master data management (MDM) and enriched with graph technology to uncover the value of relationships. It uses machine learning to discover deeper data insights and improve data quality. Built-in workflow management helps simplify compliance requirements and improve information stewardship productivity.

Cloud-native Platform with Big Data Architecture
to Enable Speed, Agility, and Flexibility at Scale

Step 1
  • Cloud-native Platform
    Reltio Connected Data Platform is the first cloud-native platform and runs on AWS and GCP clouds. You can get started on day one, and upgrades are disruption-free.
  • Master 360
    Reltio offers best in class MDM capabilities, including Identity Resolution,  Data quality, Dynamic Survivorship for contextual profiles, Universal ID across all your operational applications, Hierarchies, and Graph to manage relationships, Progressive stitching to create richer profiles, and Governance capabilities.
  •  Multi-domain
    Reltio platform helps you bring together data of all types and from all data sources to create master profiles of any data entity - person, organization, product, location. You can create master profiles for data such as consumers, B2B customers, Products, Assets, Sites, and connect them to see the complete picture.
  • Security & Compliance
    Reltio Connected Data Platform delivers enterprise-class security and granular, role-based visibility and control over your records and attributes. Reltio utilizes a full range of cloud security mechanisms and best practices and, on an ongoing basis, performs validation, certifications, and penetration tests to ensure best-in-class security and compliance.
  • Supporting Real-time Operations
    Reltio has an API-first approach to data integration and orchestration to support real-time operational use cases. Reltio provides APIs as well as various application-specific connectors. Reltio also provides capabilities to take data to analytics or data science platforms for analytics use cases.
  • Multi-cloud Availability
    Reltio Connected Data Platform is available on AWS and GCP.
  • Performance & Scalability
    Reltio supports high volume transactions, high volume API calls, and sophisticated analytics and manages back-end jobs for any workload. These components support an auto-scaling cloud environment.
  • High Availability and Reliability
    Reltio leverages highly scalable technologies like a NoSQL database, Elasticsearch, and Spark along with other AWS and GCP services across multiple zones that ensure a high level of redundancy, fault tolerance, and availability.