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Unify your complex, multisource data into a single source of real-time information with the industry’s first cloud-native, SaaS MDM solution. With the superior depth and adaptive flexibility you need.

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Unlock your data’s value with our advanced capabilities.

Single source of truth.

Build a single source of high-quality data from structured and unstructured sources—whether internal or external. Including relationships, transactions, interactions, and even social channels.

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Onboard all your data

Get up and running right away with an MDM that adapts as you do. Our API-first approach and flexible data model make it quick and easy to add data sources, helping you deliver value fast.

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Unlock the value of relationships

Gain a deeper understanding of your customer and their relationships. Manage a virtually infinite number of attributes and relationships as you connect people, organizations, products, and locations.

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Actionable customer insights

Enhance your agility and obtain relevant and actionable insights to power enhanced customer experiences and business decisions. Our platform delivers big data at scale—and at the speed of business.

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Simplified compliance

Comply with evolving privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and more. Consent management and data governance workflow help you streamline handling data subject requests across applications.

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Robust features

Get the powerful, user-friendly tools you need to make the most out of your time, resources, budget, and data.

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Single source of truth.
Onboard all your data
Unlock the value of relationships
Actionable customer insights
Simplified compliance
Robust features

Partner with a trailblazer. We're a Leader in Forrester Wave™ 2021 for Master Data Management.

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A single source of truth

Get trusted, high-quality data in real time.

Harness data quality.

Cleanse, match, and merge data in real time with automated ML-based matching rules and reference data management. Automated data validation rules help you find and fix data quality errors quickly.

Quantify data quality.

Continuously monitor the accuracy, completeness, and quality of your data with our robust dashboards. KPIs score your data and enable you to drill into problem areas. And focus on how to improve.

Ensure reporting transparency.

Dashboards, audit logs, and data lineage support your data governance, quality, and compliance initiatives. View historical data—and how it has changed—with attribute-level granularity.

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Trusted by top global brands

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Onboard all your data.

All data. All sources.

Data as a service (DaaS).

Enrich your data from third-party sources such as IQVIA, LexisNexis, Dun & Bradstreet, and BvD. Share the data internally, or become a data provider to monetize your data with outbound licensing.

Simplify data integration.

Integrate new data sources easily using REST APIs, certified pre-packaged connectors, the Reltio Integration Hub, or our data loader. Use also event streaming or export functions to distribute data downstream.

Improve consistency with reference data management.

Our reference data management functionality—included at no extra cost—enables you to easily standardize your data. So you have consistent data, an important factor in overall data quality and usability.

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Building a Data Strategy for 2022: How to Unlock the Value of your Data for Agility

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Unlock the value of relationships

Make powerful connections

Multi-model data storage.

Our multi-model data storage architecture combines data from entities, relationships, transactions, and interactions to provide you with insights unconstrained by instances. In real time and at scale.

Break free from schema restrictions with Connected Graph.

Our Connected Graph frees you from modeling relational data and defining complex relationships. Capture and automatically model structured and unstructured data—without volume restrictions.

Search faster.

Connected Graph continuously indexes attributes for lightning-fast searches. Coupled with comprehensive, real-time data, your searches increase efficiency. And retained historical data changes aid compliance.

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Taking A Customer Experience Approach to Multi-Domain Master Data Management

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Actionable insights

Insight-ready data. When you need it. Where you need it.

Deliver big data on demand.

Our platform combines your mission-critical master data and data from downstream operational and analytical applications to provide you with an on-demand environment that delivers big data at scale.

Get data analytics. Your way.

Our automated updates and flexible data models help you keep pace with your dynamic business environment. And you can fuel your analytical systems—whether traditional, advanced, or predictive—instantly.

Deliver fast time to value.

Our cloud-native architecture makes deployment fast and simple. And our contextual UIs maximize user productivity while limiting the need for IT support. Delivering fast time to value and low TCO.

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How customer data is protected in Reltio Connected Data Platform

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Simplified Compliance

Stay compliant. Stay on track.

Manage data privacy and minimize risk.

Stay compliant with built-in support for GDPR and similar laws. Identify PII, manage customer consent, and let workflows adjust access to data as customer consent changes—across all your applications.

Configure workflows easily.

Configurable data governance workflows support the BPMN 2.0 standard. And preconfigured templates support a wide range of use cases for matching, deleting and creating entities, and requesting changes.

Simplify task management.

Our task management functionality enables data stewards and business users to collaborate and manage tasks using flexible, rules-based routing (round-robin, get-next, highest priority, and custom rules).

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Technical power.
Cloud simplicity.

Unify entity profiles from complex, multisource data from on-premise, cloud, and hybrid systems. Our contextual, consumer-grade UI means you achieve fast adoption, high productivity, and low TCO.

Entity Resolution

Cleanse, match, merge, and unmerge any type of data—including customers, products, suppliers, or employees—from all sources.

Universal ID

Leverage the autogenerated or configurable UID to ensure data quality and consistent operations across organizations.

Progressive stitching

Enrich your data by by including third-party data, interactions, and transactions—and additional data sources as needed.

Connected graph

Uncover relationships and hierarchies among entities—people, organizations, products, and activities—using Connected Graph.

Dynamic survivorship

Create dynamic and contextual profiles relevant to different functional groups of marketing, sales, service, and support.

Governance and data quality controls

Support data governance and quality initiatives using configurable workflows, reference data, data validation rules, task management, and granular audit trails.

Data Orchestration

Our API-first approach simplifies data integration and orchestration. REST APIs, connectors, and our no-code/no-code Reltio Integration Hub are available to define how your enterprise data is integrated.

Intuitive search

With our consumer-grade user interface, your data stewards and business users can leverage a platform that offers powerful search, segmentation, and export capabilities.

Data history and lineage.

Dashboards, historical reporting, and audit logs support data governance initiatives. View historical data and changes across systems with attribute-level granularity.

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