Contextual view for Business Insight, Operational Execution & Information Stewardship

Reltio Connected Customer 360 puts all the information you need in one place and makes it accessible to users in real time, in the context of their roles and business objectives.

With the platform you can establish connected customer profiles by blending data from internal, third-party, public, and social media sources creating a single source of truth. And then, you can create multiple versions of that truth in the form of profiles that are configured for sales, marketing, field service, or support. Logical merge supported by Reltio’s data architecture and consumer grade UI makes it so simple.

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“We are very impressed with Reltio. The company has re- imagined master data management: extending it, making it simpler and evolving it so that it isn’t just a part of your data governance story but also something that drives better business decisions.”

– Philip Howard, Bloor

Role-based Information to Meet Business Objectives

Sub Product Consumer Grade UI Laptop
  • Robust Capabilities and an Intuitive Interface Put You in Control
    Reltio Connected Customer 360 enables you to manage a virtually infinite number of attributes and relationships, so you can connect people, organizations, products and places.Business users get the profiles with attributes that are relevant to their business needs.
  • Powerful, Intuitive Search
    With the consumer-grade user interface your data stewards and business users can leverage a platform that offers powerful search, segmentation, and export capabilities.
  • Information stewardship
    The platform delivers robust controls and consumer grade UI for resolving potential matches, processing unmerges, tracking and controlling changes, and streamlines compliance with internal policies and mandates.
  • Consumer Grade UI
    Reltio Connected Customer 360 comes with consumer grade UI for quick adoption and high productivity for all users including business, data stewards, and admins. Reltio Connected Customer 360 provides an API and an intuitive console for configuration and deployment management, offering support for data modeling, data loading, and workflow configuration.

Speed Up Adoption & Time to Value

  • Accelerate adoption and usage with consumer- grade user interfaces.
  • Gain higher quality, contextual data that powers faster, smarter decision making and operations.
  • Streamline compliance and reduce business risk.
  • Increase productivity and boost enterprise-wide collaboration.
Sub Product Consumer Grade UI Laptop