Reltio Enterprise 360

Single source of truth for All Enterprise Data

A Single Source of Truth for All Data Domains

With increasing data volume and variety, it is more important than ever for business applications, both operational and analytical, to have access to reliable data for actionable insight and measurable, correlated outcomes.

Enterprise 360 provides a single source of truth for all data domains to deliver trusted and connected data across the enterprise, in real-time. Reltio Enterprise 360 breaks down information silos to effectively manage master data and gain a complete 360 view of relationships between people, products, places, and activities. It’s an award-winning SaaS offering built on Reltio’s industry leading Connected Data Platform.

Reltio Enterprise 360 Site Intelligence is a new cloud service that enables Pharmaceutical Research & Development Teams and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) to centralize detailed data about study sites and Principal Investigators (PI)

Data Ready for Your Big Ideas

Reltio Enterprise 360, a multi-domain MDM product,  brings together data from all sources, internal, external, and third-party,  to provide a single source of truth for all enterprise data, enriched with relationship information and insights. Built on the flexible, responsive and scalable cloud-native Connected Data Platform, Reltio Enterprise 360 delivers a high performance, scalable and agility for modern dynamic business environments. 


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  • Personalize Experiences
    Gain new depths of insights into your enterprise data and deliver hyper-personalized offerings, improve loyalty, and increase sales and service effectiveness.
  • Accelerate Real-time Operations
    Consistent, clean enterprise data enables connected real-time omnichannel processes and eliminates transaction failures and rework for customer and supplier processes.
  • Simplify Compliance
    Capture and maintain privacy and consent preferences. Update systems to reflect requests for consent changes and withdrawals.

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How Reltio Enterprise 360 Can Help

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  • Entity Resolution
    With Reltio Enterprise 360, you can cleanse, match, merge and unmerge data of any type including customers, products, suppliers, or employees. You can establish a single source of truth by blending and relating trusted data from a range of data sources.
  • Universal ID
    Autogenerated or configurable UID helps to ensure data quality and consistent operations across organizations.
  • Data Quality
    Maintain ongoing data quality and stewardship with user friendly tools.
  • Dynamic Survivorship
    Create dynamic and contextual data profiles relevant for different functional groups like marketing, sales, service, and support.
  • Progressive Stitching
    Make the profiles richer by including 3rd-party data, interactions & transactions, add new data sources as needed.
  • Data Orchestration
    Reltio Connected Data Platform is an API-first platform and provides APIs for Configuration as well as Data connectivity. A wide array of API sets are available to define how your enterprise data can be accessed and provisioned.
  • Relationships
    Understand relationships and hierarchies across people, products and places using graph technology.
  • Governance
    Support for configurable workflows, reference data,  task management, granular audit trails, and support for regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.
  • Consumer Grade UI
    Reltio Enterprise 360 comes with consumer grade UI for quick adoption and high productivity for all users including business, data stewards, and admins.
Gautam Puranik, CarMax_edited

"A key to CarMax’s strategy is to deliver omnichannel connected customer experiences, which requires a strong data foundation and customer experience processes working in concert. In an environment where we have so many different sources of data to leverage, it was critical that we had a single source of truth across the enterprise for Customer 360 and Vehicle 360 information that can be shared across all of our functions. Now that we have a multi-domain master data management (MDM) platform which delivers data in real-time, at scale, we’re able to provide connected customer experiences across all touchpoints. We’ve also been able to pivot quickly to meet the changing needs of our customers during the pandemic by offering new services like curbside pickup."

- Gautam Puranik, Chief Data Officer & Head of Business Analytics and Strategy, CarMax