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Introduction to Reltio
Connected Customer 360


An Introduction to Reltio Connected Customer 360 begins the journey for learning Reltio products. This course identifies the type of business problems solved by Reltio by showcasing Reltio solutions used across industries. We describe the different ways data-driven solutions to enhance the business cases of leading organizations through a series of videos and business cases. We also reveal the Reltio differentiators, benefits of using Reltio, and a walkthrough of Reltio product features.

Course Prerequisites & Target Audience

The course is designed for business and technology leaders who wish to understand the business problems the Reltio Platform addresses, as well as technical and other users who need a high-level introduction to the platform.

This is an introductory course to Reltio Connected Customer 360 and doesn’t have any prerequisites.

Course Content

The Introduction to Reltio Connected Customer 360 course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Reltio Platform
    • Key business problems solved by Reltio
    • Why enterprises choose Reltio
    • How companies leverage Reltio along with new digital technologies to transform their business
    • How Reltio helps organizations become data-driven
    • Understand how Reltio can bring data at the speed of your  business
  • Reltio Differentiators
    • Overview of the Reltio differentiators
    • Rapid data onboarding & flexible data model
    • Data mastering in Reltio on a Machine Learning ready architecture
    • Relationship resolution & data discovery
  • Reltio Business Applications
    • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Reltio Connected Customer 360
    • B2C Customer 360 and B2B Customer 360 solution demo
    • Reltio Connected Customer 360 for Life Sciences
    • Life Sciences solution demo

Course Expectations

Learners can access the Introduction to Reltio training modules through our learning management system at their convenience. Each module can be streamed on computers, tablets, or mobile phones to gain an understanding of the Reltio platform.

Schedule Time & Commitment

The course duration is two hours and the content is online self paced. Instructor support is NOT available for this course.