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Financial services companies count on Reltio

In the competitive financial services landscape, delivering personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints isn’t a nice to have for your business; it’s an imperative to boost customer loyalty and share of wallet. That’s why innovative financial services companies count on Reltio. We provide the connected customer data that enables you to deliver hyper-personalized and connected experiences—across all touchpoints. With our platform, you can accelerate digital product innovation and fully harness your customer data to gain a competitive edge.

Supercharge Your Digital Transformation: How Financial Services firms can differentiate on Customer Experience in the next normal

Personalized Engagement is Difficult
without Connected Customer Data

In your market, competitive pressures continue to mount, with large incumbents and digital disruptors battling for market share. To win, you need to leverage your unique data to better understand your customers and anticipate their needs. You have to enable your customer-facing teams and channels to deliver more personalized experiences in real time, no matter how, when or where customers are interacting with your organization.

However, if you’re stuck with disconnected and disjointed data from siloed line-of-business and legacy master data management (MDM) systems, your ability to meet these objectives is being stifled. You’re left without business agility, without the ability to operate in real-time at enterprise scale and without the insight-ready data you need to bring big ideas to life.

Is siloed customer data or a legacy MDM system holding you back?

Problem 1

Restricting visibility of interactions across touchpoints and lines of business, which leaves clients exposed to disjointed, frustrating experiences.

Problem 2

Limiting your client segmentation capabilities, which hinders your ability to personalize experiences and grow wallet share and loyalty.

Problem 3

Offering limited, inaccurate data to decision makers, which leaves the business exposed to unnecessary risk of churn and defaults.

Problem 4

Struggling to comply with regulations, reporting requirements and privacy laws, which exposes your organization to significant risks and penalties.

Reltio Delivers Connected Data Platform Profiles that Power Market Success

Chief data officerschief information officers and marketing leaders at innovative financial services firms trust Reltio. We deliver the capabilities you need to manage all your customer, product and market data, whether it originated in internal applications, third-party data feeds, omnichannel transactions, interactions or social media. With the Reltio SaaS platform, you can empower your brokers, bankers, service reps and other customer-facing staff to deliver the right product to the right client at the right time.


Leverage connected customer data to personalize the client experience. Access complete, current data on relationships, interactions, transactions and more to gain the insights you need to boost loyalty and revenue

Move Faster

Leverage a SaaS deployment so you can get up and running quickly and avoid disruptive, costly upgrades. Quickly and easily add new client profile attributes and new data sources, without any performance degradation


Get a single source of customer data that enables unified auditing and tracking of data access, and efficient control over communication details and client preferences

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"Providing a connected experience for our customers is paramount. Our goal is to leverage customer intelligence across the organization – from the customer-facing team to digital channels to back office processes – in order to deliver a unified and streamlined customer experience. We had to think beyond traditional master data management to understand customers' transactions and interactions. By implementing Reltio's cloud-native Connected Customer 360 platform, we are looking to drive delightful customer experiences, resulting in customer growth, operational efficiency, and reduced risk."

GOTHAM PASUPULETI, Vice President of Customer Data Delivery, Fulton Bank, N.A.

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Maximize the Value of Connected Data Platform Profiles

Gain Actionable Customer Insights

With Reltio Connected Data Platform, you can unlock the value of customer data by breaking down line-of-business and channel silos and establishing complete, connected customer profiles that are based on hundreds of data sources.

Gain Actionable Customer Insights

Deliver Personalized Experiences Across Channels

With Reltio Connected Data Platform, you can empower branch, marketing and service staff to deliver consistent, seamless and optimized experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Deliver Personalized Experiences Across Channels

Uncover Relationships

Reltio Connected Data Platform enables you to leverage cohesive data as well as graph technology and analytics

Uncover Relationships

Streamline Compliance

With the Reltio platform, you can minimize the cost and effort needed to comply with customers’ privacy preferences

Streamline Compliance
Gain Actionable Customer Insights
Deliver Personalized Experiences Across Channels
Uncover Relationships
Streamline Compliance

How Reltio Can Help

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Maximize wallet share

Deliver highly personalized offerings and experiences, so you can more effectively capitalize on every opportunity to grow your customer base, increase wallet share and strengthen customer loyalty.

Boost operational efficiency

Build a common understanding of customers across different departments and lines of business, so teams can collaborate more effectively and operate more efficiently.

Improve decision making

Leverage connected customer data for credit ratings, financial status, transaction history and more to make speedier, more informed decisions on issuing loans, credit and services.

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