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Insurers are going through a transformational shift from policy-centric to customer-centric, while facing pressures to drive innovation and cost reduction. Delivering personalized customer experiences and using intelligent process automation are vital steps in this transformation journey. That is not easy when customer, policy, and claims data are housed in disparate and outdated legacy systems.

We unlock and accelerate the value of your data to help you stay ahead of the curve. Our cloud-native SaaS master data management solution for insurance cleanses, unifies, and standardizes your core data. To create a single source of trusted information. No matter how complex or outdated your data environment may be. We fuel your business with insight-ready, real-time data so you can deliver transformative experiences to customers, agents, and employees—every day.

Insurance industry trends and solutions for data challenges

Customer-Centric Business Needs
Connected Data

We believe data should fuel your success, not hold you back. A complete view into customers—and their policies, claims, and relationships—is essential to knowing your customers and how to best serve them. High-quality, comprehensive data enables you to deliver a seamless digital experience. And to focus on customers, not just policies. By knowing your customers better, you can deliver the innovative products and services they need. You can maximize their lifetime value with targeted marketing and contextual offers.

Gaining a complete view of your customers, agents, policies, and claims from numerous disparate systems is not a trivial task. Is siloed, poor-quality data, or a legacy MDM system holding you back?

Problem 1

Manual data entry and silos lead to inaccurate, duplicated, incomplete information. You cannot identify your customers across channels and see all their relationships with you.

Problem 2

You cannot see a customer’s full journey and assess their lifetime value. You miss opportunities to serve them and their households with innovative products and relevant offers for their life events.

Problem 3

Inaccurate or outdated data leads to loss of productivity and poor experiences due to manual interventions, re-processing of claims and policies, and compliance risks.

Problem 4

Your customer, claims, and policy data is locked in outdated legacy systems. You cannot easily share the data with modern systems to increase automation, self-service, and fraud detection.

Power Your Digital Transformation with Trusted, Timely Data

Our insurance solution unifies your customer, agent, policy, and claims data—no matter how complex or how many sources it’s drawn from. Giving you the unified view you need to deliver better customer-centric experiences.

Our solution is agile enough to fit any business. You achieve rapid time to value using our predefined insurance data model and configurations. We enable integrations to common insurance applications, data enrichment with industry-specific data providers, and data quality and governance processes for prescriptive use cases.

Accelerate Growth
  • Increase profitable customer acquisition and cross-sell with contextual marketing and engaging omnichannel experiences.
  • Know your customers and their journeys better to serve them more effectively.
  • Empower agents and brokers to identify growth opportunities with you.
Gain Efficiency
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through frictionless quoting, policy management, and claims settlement.
  • Reduce costs by extending your automated processes and digital self-service environment.
  • Introduce innovative services faster by collaborating with partner ecosystems.
Minimize Risks
  • Reduce losses by detecting fraudulent claims early.
  • Prevent claims losses by guiding customers using sensors and external data.
  • Avoid regulatory sanctions by complying with their communication preferences and KYC.

"We simplified the data model considerably over what we had with our legacy MDM, which has improved the quality of our data pipeline. There’s no need for us to do as much production support, troubleshooting, and triaging."

MATTHEW COOK, Director, Enterprise Data Services, Empire Life

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Accelerate the Value of Your Core Data

Comprehensive, Trusted, Real-Time Data

We unify and cleanse customer, agent, policy, and claims data in real time. We enrich it with external data, blending interaction and transaction data from all sources for an enterprise 360 view.

Comprehensive, Trusted, Real-Time Data

Rapid Real-Time Integration

Integrate with any system in a low-code/no-code environment with prebuilt connectors in just hours or days. Unlock data from both legacy and modern systems using API-led integration.

Rapid Real-Time Integration

Single Source of High-Quality Data

We cleanse, standardize, and deduplicate data using ML-based or user-definable matching rules to deliver insight-ready data. We continuously apply data validation rules and help enforce data governance policies.

Single Source of High-Quality Data

Visualization of Complex Relationships

You can graphically visualize and manage relationships among people (households), policies, claims, and locations with our Connected Graph capabilities. You can also manage hierarchy structures for organizations and products.

Visualization of Complex Relationships
Comprehensive, Trusted, Real-Time Data
Rapid Real-Time Integration
Single Source of High-Quality Data
Visualization of Complex Relationships

How Reltio Uniquely Helps

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Core Data Abstraction with API-led Integration

Connect core data in legacy systems using Reltio as a data abstraction layer. Enrich that data and share it with other operational, analytics, and AI systems using our prebuilt connectors and API-first architecture.

Cloud-Native SaaS MDM with Built-in Security and HA

Achieve fast time to value and agility without upgrade disruptions using our battle-tested, multicloud SaaS MDM solution. Enjoy zero-effort high availability (HA).

Design for Real-time Digital Business

Fuel your 24/7 business by streaming real-time, trusted data to operational, analytics, and data science systems for immediate insights and action.

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