Customer Data is at the Heart of Thriving in the Experience Economy

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Innovative brands are competing on customer experience

Whether you’re in retail, CPG, insurance, life sciences, healthcare or any other industry, every experience counts. If you plan to win in the experience economy, your customers expect you to deliver hyper-personalized and connected experiences at every touchpoint, while respecting their privacy, consent and communication preferences. Meeting these customer expectations isn’t easy, however, especially if your understanding of your customers is siloed, disconnected and fragmented.

What’s holding you back?

How do you optimize every interaction at every touch point so you can delight every customer? You need to start with unified, complete and connected customer profiles. Sadly, many organizations are ill equipped to gain this visibility. Why? Because of internal customer data silos, and legacy customer data management systems. Here’s how these approaches are stifling organizations today:

Customer data silos

When it comes to customer data, there’s no single source of truth. Vital bits of information reside in any number of disparate applications, including customer relationship management, marketing automation, help desk, mobile, web, compliance and analytics. This isolated data fuels inconsistency, inaccuracy and staff inefficiency, and, what’s worse, makes it virtually impossible to gain the intelligence needed to deliver optimized, personalized experiences.

Customer data silos

Legacy Master Data Management Systems

These legacy systems present a number of challenges. They are slow. Not only do they take teams too long to set up, but adding new data sources and profile attributes is far too costly and time consuming. These systems are also constrained, unable to scale to accommodate the volume of profiles, attributes and events required. Finally, these systems are rigid, ill equipped to help teams respond to transformation requirements, or provide the rich visibility needed to deliver hyper-personalized experiences.

Legacy Master Data Management Systems
Customer data silos
Legacy Master Data Management Systems

Connected Customer 360 Profiles: The Key to Winning in the Experience Economy

Today, data innovators are driving change. They are breaking up customer data silos. They are breaking free from the limitations of legacy customer data management systems. They are breaking through barriers and reimagining what’s possible by empowering their teams with connected customer data that is designed for the experience economy.

BREAK UP: Internal Customer Data Silos

Reimagine customer data in the experience economy.

BREAK FREE: From limiting legacy data management technology

Reimagine data management that enables business agility and empowers you to operate in real-time at enterprise scale.

BREAK THROUGH: Barriers to deliver connected customer experiences

Reimagine what’s possible when you use connected customer data designed for the experience economy.

These innovative brands rely on Reltio Connected Customer 360. The SaaS platform delivers the mission-critical connected customer data you need to power connected customer experiences across every interaction, at every touch point, every time.

Reltio’s Mission: Delivering Connected Customer 360 Profiles

We offer a fundamentally different way to manage customer data. We’re focused on helping enterprises understand their customers better, so they can deliver better customer experiences.

Reltio Connected Customer 360 is a SaaS platform built on a cloud-native, big data architecture that features graph technology and machine learning. With this platform, companies can optimize business agility, realize breakthrough scalability and maximize the potential of artificial intelligence to deliver the big ideas that yield big results.

“We are very impressed with Reltio. The company has re- imagined master data management: extending it, making it simpler and evolving it so that it isn’t just a part of your data governance story but also something that drives better business decisions.”


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Trusted by top global brands

Our Founder’s Story

“Our mission is to help companies power the experiences of the future with the data that matters most to their business.”

Manish Sood is the CTO, Founder & Chairman Reltio. Manish was part of the team that developed and deployed Informatica MDM. He joined Informatica through the company’s acquisition of Siperian, where Manish set product strategy. In working with global brands, Manish saw that companies needed more than what traditional master data management solutions could provide. He realized that to win in the experience economy, businesses needed connected customer data that informed customer-facing teams, enabled real-time digital experiences and powered insights and innovation.

What does Reltio mean?

Reltio was named based on the fundamental characteristics
that distinguish the company’s core platform:

Reltio Logo Full Color Rgb 864px@72ppi Reltio Logo Full Color Rgb 864px@72ppi
  • “Rel” stands for relationships.
  • “T” represents transactions.
  • “I” is for interactions.
  • “O” relates to the degree symbol, and the fact Reltio delivers 360° connected customer views.
Reltio Logo Inverted Rgb 864px@72ppi Reltio Logo Inverted Rgb 864px@72ppi

“We believe in the strategic use of data to win in the experience economy. The data innovators we work with are rethinking their data strategies to put the customer at the center of their universe.

They create opportunities to delight customers with every interaction and drive profitable and sustainable growth. They empower teams with the most holistic, up-to-date and actionable understanding of customers while respecting privacy and consent.”

MANISH SOOD, CTO, Founder & Chairman, Reltio

ManishSood BW Square ManishSood BW Square

Innovative Brands Trust Reltio for Connected Customer Data

Reltio delivers an award-winning SaaS solution to the most innovative Global 2000 enterprises. Every day, our customers trust our solution to manage the data that matters most. Reltio customers include eight of the top 10 global life sciences companies, some of the largest healthcare payers in the US, the world’s largest hotel operators and international consumer luxury brands in fashion, retail and cosmetics. Learn more about how Reltio can positively impact your business by role, industry and  transformation.

“Reltio again experienced the highest growth rate and a strong renewal rate. As the transition to cloud continues, Reltio remains the only cloud-native MDM solution on the market and delivers “zero impact upgrades” and 99.95% uptime guarantees.”

Gartner Magic Quadrant, Master Data Management, 2018

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